My Gear

Well This is what I have right now to work with. It's the Casio EX-V7. It's small, slow, and well just as you see it, a point and click camera I bought almost 6 years ago or more. It worked great for the family shot, or when we go camping and want to keep it light.  My other camera is a Minolta Maxxum 400si SLR, pictured on the left. it has done well for me when I used film. But now it's just too expensive to buy film, shoot and then develop film. Not to mention that I'll have to scan in any images that I get back that I like so people can see em or so I can sell em online. That makes it even more difficult. Now I need to just update my gear so I can keep taking some nice shots.

Well My Gear now consists of The Canon 7D EF 28-135 IS USM, a Polarized filter, a tripod and that's pretty much it. I need a few more things but all in all it's not a bad rig. I enjoy it's feel and speed. 

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