Friday, December 16, 2011

What do you mean, the same?! But their completely Different!!

Well I asked the question 'which is better' Nikon or Canon. Well after trying both of them for a few weeks, I have come to a conclusion. They are just about the same. The Nikon D7000 had a few 'features' that the 7D doesn't have, but not so much that you can't live with out them. This was due in part to the D7000 being about a year younger than the Canon 7D. The D7000 has a built in timer for time laps, and a rear shutter curtain control on the flash. (If the Canon has it, I haven't found it) and a few other things I don't remember. The D7000 felt small in my hands and the controls seemed cramped to me. The menus aren't as bad as most people tend to make them out. They are a little.....peculiar, but let me explain. The menus are strait forward; however, when your looking for a particular setting, similar settings are in other locations. So until you memorize where each type of setting is located, it's a little slow to get around. The AF and Other settings are easy to get at, and I really liked the dual turn dials. The 7D has a turn dial and a wheel, a little harder to use but wasn't a deal breaker for me. I also liked the dual SDXC card slots. The 7D has a single CF slot, which is too bad, I like the SDXC cards better; however, the CF cards were a little cheaper. I have two 16 gig, UDMA CF cards and at 600x they are speedy. Now the SDXC UHS-1 is nice and fast also. It made the small buffer of the D7000 more useable. But was still slow at 4-6 fps, (depending on what your settings were).

I like the 6-8fps of the Canon 7D much more. I'm Sure as soon as the 7D mkII comes out I'll want to upgrade, but that's a different post. The Canon takes beautiful pictures as does the D7000. So it comes down to your personal preference on lenses, and feel. 'Features' are just that, features, they don't make pictures better, they don't do anything that you can't do with a few minutes and Photoshop. I.E. Miniature effect on the D7000, cute but not very 'real world' useful. I can do the same thing with Photoshop. I liked the lenses available for the Canon more than the Nikon. Both have plenty to choose from; however, for me I found that Canon had a few more choices. Not to mention that they tended to be a little better priced too. I'm looking to take sports and animal photography as well as portraits. I'm making do with the 'kit lens' it came with. I'm learning how to take better photos one shot at a time, I just wish I was able to get out and take some photos. I wouldn't mind getting to the Mesa Temple and take some free shots for some newlyweds and just ask them to give me an email so I can send em to them. Well That's all for now. 


Monday, December 12, 2011

Why is it when you want something so bad you can flavor it, that you have to let it go? I bought a Nikon D7000 to try out, liked it, but wasn't thrilled by it. I took it back and got the Canon 7D, Love it.... but with the way things are right now. I'm having buyers remorse. Not on the now I have it and don't want it. Just the opposite, I want to keep it, but don't think I should. I know how much it cost my family to get it. we are tight on cash for Christmas, Daddy got his present for the year, but what about the rest of my family. Not to mention that my kids would love to take dance lessons etc. that would actually give me something to take pictures of. Right now I have taken about every picture you can take from my back patio and porch. I'm learning how to process 'raw' files and all that. Which is fun, but My kids need to enjoy having hobbies too. Anyone want to leave an opinion feel free. I have 19 days to take it back. Perhaps right after Christmas I'll return it. Or perhaps this week. I don't know.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Canon or Nikon? which is better

       I haven't had the pleasure of using either for more than a few minutes. So I really don't know. Anyone out there have a preference and why? I've always liked Nikon with it's strong history behind it. and not to mention great performance. But I don't like the decoding of lenses. Which lenses can be used where, and if you don't have a pro/semipro model aka D7000 or better, if you want the 'auto-focus' motor built in. I like Canon for this. All their lenses are built with the auto-focus motor built in. I don't have to worry about 'does the lens need the AF drive motor or does it have it built in. Why would I choose one over the other is what I'm looking for. Ok all looking for opinions.